Evolution in the News - January 2004
by Do-While Jones

Mars Follow-up

Last month we talked about the pending missions to Mars and their searches for life. Since then, the Japanese Nozomi missed Mars completely. The European Mars Express made it to Martian orbit and sent the Beagle 2 down to the surface on Christmas day. Unfortunately, the Beagle 2 apparently crashed because it hasn’t been heard from since. (Darn! We were anxious to use the title, “The Beagle Has Landed!” ) We may get some interesting data from the Mars Express, however.

Fortunately, the NASA rover, Spirit, did land successfully, and has started sending back data. NASA’s other Mars rover, Opportunity, is scheduled to make its landing attempt just after this newsletter goes to press.

It will probably be months before we get any important data. We will keep watching and keep you informed.

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