email - November 2002
by Do-While Jones

Comment From a Sane Person

We appreciate intelligent email from people like Jordan; but we get much more email like the one from Sara below. Maybe, if we print hers, we won’t get as much of it.

Subject: comment from a sane person
Date: Sun, 20 Oct 2002 21:53:47 -0400
From: Sara [return address deleted]

[Deleted] off! You know nothing about science you pseudoscientific [deleted]! I AM A CHRISTIAN and the bible [sic] does not say evolution did not occur: The six days probably meant eras and the order in which the creatures appeared in real life is the same as in the bible [sic]. I know what science is and I know your type doesn't understand it at all. So why don't you get on your tippy toes and bend over the desk so I can [deleted] you up the [deleted] with a tennis racket?!

Sane Person

We have just two questions for Sara.

  1. Does a sane person think the Biblical order is the same as the evolutionary order?
  2. Does a sane person think Jesus would send an email like hers?
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