Creationist Quote - November 2000

Accident and Design

Sometimes evolutionists claim that creation science isn’t really science because creationists look for evidence of design. Harrel Van Norman recently made a statement on this subject that is worth repeating.

Several entire industries depend on distinguishing accident from design: including insurance fraud investigation, the criminal justice system, cryptography, patent and copyright investigation, and many others. We do not call these industries “unscientific” simply because they look for evidence of design. Physical evidence appears to be at odds with the philosophy that nature is all there is and everything originated through chance random processes operating according to the laws of nature. Therefore, the philosophy of origins due to intelligent design is creditable. 1 [emphasis in the original]

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1 Harrel Van Norman, Newsletter of the ARK Foundation of Dayton, Inc., Vol. 6 #2 (July - Sep 2000) “A Choice of Philosophies” (Cr+)