Stupid Evolutionist Quotes - August 2001

In a Nutshell

After quoting statistics from surveys, Eugenie C. Scott made this observation:

In a nutshell, there is more anti-evolutionism than there are religious conservatives: anti-evolutionism appeals both to evangelicals as well as Americans who adhere to religiously-moderate faiths. There is an irony here: the "official" theologies of Catholic and mainstream Protestant Christianity are not literalist and have accommodated evolution as the way God created (Scott 1995). NCSE's book, Voices for Evolution (Matsumura 1995), includes a collection of statements from the Roman Catholic Pope, the Episcopalians, Methodists, United Church of Christ, Presbyterians, and the Lutheran World Federation (and several Jewish groups) all expressing respect for science and for evolution as part of science. Nonetheless, even if the ministers, priests and rabbis accept evolution, many people on the other side of the pulpit appear largely ignorant of their own theology! 1

If it were true, as Ms. Scott seems to believe, that the only reason for not accepting evolution is because it is contrary to the Bible, then Christian leaders would all be against evolution, and the number of people against evolution would equal the number of Christians.

What Ms. Scott fails to realize is that the arguments against evolution arenít just religious. One doesnít have to be a Christian to be against evolution. One merely needs to look at the theory of evolution from a scientific standpoint. Since she canít understand this, she doesnít understand why the surveys turn out the way they do.

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