Creationist Quote - September 2000

Dr. Monty White, Ph.D.

Dr. Monty White obtained an honors degree in chemistry in 1967, and received his Ph.D. in gas kinetics. He was raised as an evolutionist, but became a creationist later in life. Here’s how he says it happened.

Even though I was extremely busy pursuing my Ph.D., I made time to examine three main areas concerning the creation/evolution controversy: chemical evolution, the fossil record, and dating methods. I was totally unaware of any pro-creation book or article. It may therefore come as a shock to many to realize that I became a creationist by reading about evolution!

I was amazed at the naiveté of the statements that were being made by the chemical evolutionists. They were purporting to have proved that life originated by chance on the prebiotic earth. I also soon realized that the fossil record did not show the gradual evolution of one life-form into another as predicted, and demanded, by evolution. Third, as a chemist, I could see that the accuracy of any dating method relied on a number of assumptions; some of these were unprovable, and others were unknowable.

I began to realize that the idea of evolution was at best a hypothesis, and that it had not been proved. I became convinced (and still am convinced) that people believe in evolution because they choose to do so. There is not a shred of real evidence for the evolution of life on Earth. 1

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1 Answers Update, August 2000, "The pilgrimage to creation!" pages 1 - 2 (Cr+)