email - September 2019
by Do-While Jones

Neanderthals Lost

Neanderthals lost the battle for survival because they were no match for modern humans.

Andrew did not know that this monthís feature article would be about the speculative overlap of human ancestors, but his email fits perfectly with this monthís theme.

Hello Mr. Jones,

I was actually reading a useful article on when I saw this link,, in the recommended section along the side of the webpage.† I found it interesting not just for the assumptions it makes but also because itís outright deceitful.† This is exactly what Iíve been noticing in my recent interest in the sciences against the theory of evolution (and what youíve been saying for a long time).† This is a prime example of the issues youíve been identifying for so many years.

To sum it up for you, the article title is a stated Ďfactí that modern humans simply outlasted Neanderthals.† THEN, midway through the article they talk about how itís just one possibility of how the Neanderthal went extinct.† Finally, at the end, they state that the scientistís computer model findings (criteria set by humans) are fact.† It really is quite wild the sleight of hand at play and itís a pattern Iíve been noticing in a lot of literature concerning evolution.

The article title implies that if the TV show, Survivor, pitted a tribe of Neanderthals against a tribe of Homo sapiens, modern man would not outwit or outplay Neanderthalsóthey would simply outlast them.

Of course, there is no way to know that. Besides, the usual way to outlast someone else is to outwit them or out play them. The winning football team isnít the one with the most patience. Victory usually depends on skill and luckóbut one could legitimately argue that the United States would have won the Vietnam War if we would have had just a little bit more patience to outlast them, because we were on the verge of victory when we quit.

The only two facts are (1) that Neanderthals no longer exist, and (2) we do. Why Neanderthals went extinct is unknown. Did they lose out in a war for survival with Homo sapiens, or were they wiped out by a plague where they lived, or did they kill themselves off in a civil war? We will never know, and it will never matter.

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