About Us - February 2017
by Do-While Jones

Everybody Loves Us

Where Have All the Haters Gone?

One of the things I learned late in life is the importance of keeping track of measurements. How can you estimate how much your next software project will cost if you donít know how much the last one cost? How many hours did you spend in design? How many lines of code did you write per day on your last project? How many hours were spent debugging, etc.

I wish we had kept track of how much fan mail, and how much hate mail, we received each month when we started 21 years agoóbut we didnít. The only consolation is that if we had, it would have been stored on an 8-inch floppy disk, and we could not read it now anyway. So, we canít provide any exact numbers. All we can say is that initially we received a lot of hate mail and hardly any fan mail.

But that has dramatically (but gradually) changed over the years. We havenít received any hate mail since Sam wrote to tell us, ďMan, you people sure like to associate with losers and scumbags.Ē In the 97 days since Sam wrote that hate mail to us, we have received 81 pieces of fan mail, and not another piece of hate mail.

Why We Like Hate Mail

Granted, there are still lots of haters out there on various evolutionistsí blogsóbut they donít write to us very often. Perhaps that is because they can post any nonsense they like on a blog, but we only share things that have some merit. Their insults generally donít merit attention, so we have printed just a few representative samples to make the point that the evolutionists who write to us cannot give scientific reasons for their beliefs. They just try to bully us with insults. When they make the accusation that everything on our website is a lie, we ask them for a specific example, and never hear from them again.

We really miss the hate mail because we want to know what the uninformed evolutionists believe so we can address their misconceptions.

We donít post on evolutionistsí blogs for three reasons. First, they arenít interested in listening to anything we say, so it is a waste of our time. Second, if we pick a fight on a blog, we have selected an issue that we think should be important to them. We would rather let the evolutionist pick the subject. We want to know what they think is the best evidence for evolution and debunk it. We donít want to attack ideas they donít think are important. Third, bloggers rarely talk about what is right with evolution. They just want to talk about what is wrong with religion. Thatís an irrelevant distraction.

We know from our fan mail that some of our readers do go to those blogs. If you like to argue with evolutionists, please encourage them to write to us to tell us why they think the theory of evolution is right, and why our criticisms of the theory are wrong.

Why We Like Fan Mail

Fan mail is encouraging, and we appreciate the encouragement. We really do. The most helpful fan mail is that which tells us specifically why you find our site helpful. And we also like to get specific questions because they guide us as to what topics we should address if there isnít any breaking evolutionary news.

So (as they used to say when I was young), ďKeep those cards and letters coming in!Ē

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