email - April 2016
by Do-While Jones

Evolution-safe Zones

Do students need to be protected from hearing the truth about evolution?

We are going to talk about the growing trend at colleges to provide “safe places” where students are shielded from things they don’t want to hear, but first we want to set the stage for that discussion with yet another email from Sam regarding our last newsletter. It is very much like the emails he has sent us over the past two years. 1

More lies and stupidity from the classic YEC [Young Earth Creationist] Dunning-Kruger effect engineer YEC, Pogge.

Why do YEC engineers think they can understand biology?  because here is some news for you, pops, you don't.

Notice that he didn’t challenge any facts from our essay about the ENCODE project. He did not claim the ENCODE project did not find functions for more than 80% of the human genome. How could he? We cited a peer-reviewed article which not only said that they did, but also listed the functions they found. If he had claimed they didn’t find all the functionality they claimed, why should we believe him instead of the authors? The fact that he doesn’t want to believe they discovered functionality for so much of the human genome doesn’t make it untrue. Facts are facts, which can’t be denied.

He didn’t challenge our analysis of why the ENCODE project is controversial. He certainly could have done that. We gave our explanation of why we think the ENCODE project is controversial in evolutionary circles, and cited a comment from an evolutionist to back up our analysis. It is certainly possible that we were wrong. Maybe the results of the ENCODE project are disturbing to evolutionists for some other reason than the one we postulated. If he thinks there is another reason, let’s hear it. We will listen.

Sam didn’t dispute the indisputable facts, or disagree with our brilliant analysis. He just tried to bully us.

Bully Power

Bullies have evolved considerably in my lifetime. When I was in grade school, a bully was someone who beat you up and took your lunch money. After that, he just threatened to beat you up, and you gave him your lunch money. This went on until you finally stood up to the bully and made him stop. No anger management classes. No conflict resolution seminars. No sensitivity training. You just stood up to the bully. Things were so much simpler back then.

These days any violation of political correctness, or disrespect posted on Facebook, is bullying. If what you say makes someone feel uncomfortable, you are a bully. This is terrible (unless you are a liberal and insult a conservative, because conservatives deserve to be insulted).

Judith Shulevitz, writing in the New York Times, 2 reports that infantilized college students are indulging their need for insulation by demanding “safe spaces” where any speech that could hurt their feelings would be forbidden. 3

Today the offending speech usually has something to do with wolf-whistles, homosexuality, or Islam; but its roots go back to the theory of evolution. For years, American public school students have been “protected” from any scientific criticism of the theory of evolution which might make them feel uncomfortable.

Sam’s Imaginary Power

The really puzzling thing is why Sam would think that bullying me would have any effect at all. Sam apparently really believes that insults from someone I don’t even know would cause me to take down our website just because the truth makes him feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

It really is disturbing to realize that American society has evolved to the point where some people believe free speech needs to be prohibited.

Sam can insult us all he wants. It makes no difference. If he had any substantive criticism, that could make a difference; but he’s been writing to us for nearly two years, expecting us to believe in evolution just because he says it is true.

We now live in the 1984 World, where the Thought Police tell us what we can and cannot say and believe. And it all started with political censorship of science against evolution in the public schools.

Sam had more to say.

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