Evolution in the News - July 2016
by Do-While Jones

Discoverís Human Origins

Discover magazine tells us everything worth knowing about human origins.

The cover of this summerís Discover magazine promised to tell us everything worth knowing about several topics. HUMAN ORIGINS was at the top of that list.

The first sentence of that article tells us the first thing worth knowing about human evolution.

Thereís a dirty little secret in paleoanthropology: What we know about human evolution is that we donít know much of the story. 1

They give examples of how the story has changed, then quote evolutionist Ian Tattersall.

ďIn the 45 years Iíve been doing this, the human fossil record has expanded enormously,Ē Tattersall says. ďIn 50 years, what we believe now will look just as quaint.Ē† 2

What was true 45 years ago is no longer true today, and what is true today will be false in 50 years. Thatís because it wasnít true then, and isnít true now. Why teach things that arenít true?

In short, we may never find the ultimate missing link, which occurred an estimated 5 million to 8 million years ago. 3

There are two reasons why they wonít find the missing link. (1) It doesnít exist. (2) Fossils can never prove evolution, no matter how many are found, because fossils canít prove ancestry. The fact that fossils look similar doesnít necessarily mean that the older one is the ancestor of the younger one, or that they both had the same ancestor some time in the past.

Even though they donít expect to ever find fossil evidence that proves their theory, they will continue to believe it. Who needs proof if you have ďscienceĒ?

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