Questionable Quotes - June 1997

On page 95 of the May 1997 issue of National Geographic magazine we read,

Meat and bone marrow also gave them [Homo erectus] the extra energy to grow larger brains.

Have there been any scientific studies that support this statement? If so, why don't we include bone marrow in the school lunch program? Why don't they sell bone marrow supplements to improve your memory?

Of course there is a minimum nutrition level that one must achieve for organs to develop to their natural functionality. Once that level is achieved, however, additional nutrition or calories do not make critters evolve to the next higher level. You can't feed a gorilla enough meat and bone marrow to turn it into a person. Computer programmers are not smarter than the rest of the population because they exist entirely on a diet of TwinkiesTM and JoltTM cola. smiley face

The 19th century myth that a carnivorous diet is superior to a vegetarian diet is probably the source of this idea that apes evolved into people when they started eating meat. The modern medical advice is to cut down on meat and eat more fruits and vegetables if you want to be healthier, but the evolutionary tale still says that meat builds big brains and erect bodies.

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