After Thoughts - July 1997

Size Doesn't Matter!

We ran this ad in the Swap Sheet to remind people that evolutionists claim to know the intelligence of fossil creatures simply from measurements of the volume of their skulls.

If brain size really is an accurate indication of intelligence, why do we make children take the Iowa Standardized Test? Why not just measure the kids' heads and send the ones with the biggest brains to college?

In 1776 there weren't any man-made satellites orbiting the Earth. The best Ben Franklin could do was fly a kite! We know how to send rockets into space now, but that doesn't necessarily mean people are smarter now than they were 221 years ago. The wax statues we see in museums depicting George Washington and Thomas Jefferson don't have heads half the size of our heads despite their obvious ignorance of orbital mechanics. Technical knowledge isn't the same as intelligence.

SIZE DOESN'T MATTER! You can't tell how smart a man is by the size of his head. Gorillas have larger brains than chimps, but they aren't smarter. Evolutionists claim to know how smart extinct apes and people were by measuring the size of their skulls. That isn't smart. It is smarter to write to Science Against Evolution, P.O. BOX 923, Ridgecrest, CA 93556, for a free copy of our newsletter.

American society (that is, our social behavior) has changed greatly since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Is that evident from skull fragments one might dig up from the Old North Church cemetery? Certainly not! The tools we use, the things we value, and other elements of our culture have changed in the last two centuries; but our heads remain the same.

But evolutionists still tend to equate knowledge and social behavior with intelligence (which they determine from brain size).

"An adult Homo erectus had a brain the size of a one-year-old modern human's," says Alan Walker, one of the paleoanthropologists who excavated the skeleton. "Still his brain was twice as large as a chimp's, so he must have been devastatingly clever for this time."1

A chimp has an average brain size of about 400 cc. A gorilla's brain is about 460 cc.2 Modern men have an average brain size of 1350 cc.3 Evolutionists have defined "a 'cerebral Rubicon' in brain size: a threshold which had to be exceeded by anything with a claim to being human. This threshold he [Arthur Keith] set at 750 ml [which is equal to 750 cc]".4 Neanderthal man had an average brain size of 1582 cc, which (by the evolutionists' logic) should have made him 17% smarter than modern man.

People often wonder why Neandertal5 brains were bigger than ours. Were they smarter, and if so, why are they extinct? The reason for their bigger brains has to do with the relationship between body size and ambient temperature. The "classic" Neandertals of western Europe were adapted to a late Pleistocene cold climate, and part of that adaptation was a relatively larger brain corresponding to their stout stature.6
Apparently evolutionists believe brain size is only a valid measure of intelligence when it supports the theory of evolution. :-)

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