Evolution in the News - March 2015
by Do-While Jones

Unchanging Bacteria

Stasis proves evolution?

ABC News claims, “Discovery of Bacteria That Hasn't [sic] Evolved in 2 Billion Years Is New Validation of Darwin's Theory.” Here are the facts from that story:

An international team of scientists have identified a deep sea microorganism that has not evolved in at least two billion years, nearly half the age of the planet. It’s an important discovery that paradoxically provides some of the best support yet for Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, said lead researcher J. William Schopf.

The team found living specimens of the tiny sulfur-eating bacteria in question off the coast of Western Australia far beneath the muddy sediment of the ocean floor.

They also match up exactly with fossils from 1.8 billion years ago found in the same area.

“They all look the same and they also look the same as other modern sulfur bacteria found in the mud off the coast of Chile,” Schopf said. 1

We don’t believe the fossils are actually 1.8 billion years old—but it doesn’t matter if the fossils are actually 1.7 billion, or 1.5 billion, or 1 thousand years old. All that matters is that the fossils are old, and look just like living bacteria native to the same region.

What did lead researcher J. William Schopf conclude from this discovery?

This discovery fits perfectly with Darwin’s theory of evolution because it demonstrates an organism that remained essentially unchanged over billions of years because it never had a reason to make adjustments.

“These microorganisms are well-adapted to their simple, very stable physical and biological environment,” Schopf said. “If they were in an environment that did not change but they nevertheless evolved, that would have shown that our understanding of Darwinian evolution was seriously flawed.” 2

The fact that these bacteria didn’t change is “the best support yet” for evolution! If they had changed, it would have shown that our understanding of evolution “was seriously flawed”!

How can you argue with “logic” like that?

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