About Us - May 2012
by Do-While Jones

The Wizard of Ooze on Radio

KRSF turned our parody into a radio drama.

One of my personal favorite articles is our April, 2001, parody The Wizard of Ooze, in which Dorothy goes to see the Wizard to find out how life evolved from primeval ooze. Shortly after it was published, someone asked us permission to turn it into a puppet show. We gladly gave them permission, but we donít know if they ever actually did it or not. We hope they did, but wish they would have told us.

We are pleased to announce that radio station KRSF turned our parody into a radio drama and broadcast it on their local program, The Word With Us, on February 19, 2012. You can listen to it on their program archives page using this link http://krsf.net/mp3s/TWWU120219.mp3.

YouTube, Too?

If you would like to take the next step, and turn the radio broadcast into a YouTube video, you have the permission of Science Against Evolution and KRSF to do so. Our only request is that you give credit to Science Against Evolution and KRSF, and send us the link to the video when you do.

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