email - July 2011
by Do-While Jones

No Winner

The Origin of Life Prize is still unclaimed.

We first told you in August of 2005 that, since 1997, a serious group of evolutionary scientists has been offering a million dollars to anyone who can suggest a plausible naturalistic explanation for the origin of life. 1

Andrzej just read that article. From his name, email address (Poland), and his amusing phrases (his email was titled, “Another great stuff from The Origin-of-Life Prize Foundation, must see!!!”), it is clear that English is not his native language. So we are going to summarize his email rather than print it verbatim.

He noted that their web page said,

Winning The Origin of Life Prize would entail falsifying two null hypotheses:

The Cybernetic Cut - Progressing from description to prescription in systems theory

The GS Principle or The Genetic Selection Principle 2

Andrzej was understandably surprised to discover serious evolutionists had laid out such impressive technical arguments against the natural origin of life and, in order to win the prize, one must disprove their own compelling arguments.

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1 Disclosure, August 2005, " Looking For Life"