email - July 2010
by Do-While Jones

Discussions with Evolutionists

Mick learned more about evolutionists than about evolution in his discussions with them.

We received this email from Mick.

Subj: Unexpected outcome of research

Hello SAGE

I started to research into evolution a few years ago, having decided it was time to stop taking everyone's word for it and find out for myself. Instead of anything observable in real life or under controlled test conditions, I found out that every new generation is a copy of the one before, with never any variation that could add up to the ones claimed by evolutionists. Single-cells are always a copy of the generation before, making the jump to multi-cells impossible.

I also noticed the following behaviours from evolutionists in discussions:

§ The insistence that there is no need to provide proof for evolution but demanding proof for creation or ID. That's hypocrisy, so is accusing others of being what they are themselves.

§ The belief that evolutionists/atheists are better than anyone else. That's excessive self-worth.

§ Uncontrolled anger.

§ Exaggerations of the truth into a big statement that contains only a small amount of anything truthful. That's consistent with pathological liars, along with the conviction that they are telling the whole truth.

§ The use of insults to put down anyone who disagrees. That's a form of mental cruelty/bullying.

§ Refusal to answer simple questions, including making up answers that are not based on any reality; adjusting what is said to keep the appearance of truthfulness; changing the subject and keeping silent - another symptom of a pathological liar.

§ Changing the rules to suit themselves, even to the point of self-contradiction within minutes.

Further research has shown me that the above behaviours can be symptomatic of somebody with Anti-social Personality Disorder, AKA sociopath, AKA psychopath in it's [sic] extreme.

I wonder if any evolutionists can rebut that without showing themselves to have those behaviour patterns, behaviours that are shared by many religious maniacs.

It is also known that the atheist Soviet Union and Chinese leaders killed millions more folk than the Inquisition. Hitler used evolutionary theory to justify the holocaust during the War, and the killing of sick and disabled children before it. The death camps were first built to dispose of such children.

There will be an excuse for all that, I have no doubt, if any answer to it is at all forthcoming. I would be surprised if any atheist is willing to condemn those leaders for killing, imprisoning and torturing in the name of atheism.

Best regards


We are glad that Mick has done his own research, rather than depending upon us to tell him what is true. We have observed the same behaviors in America as the behaviours he observed in the British Empire; but we do not believe these behaviors are evidence of mental disorders. We think this irrational behavior is simply the result of reason being overruled by emotion.

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