Follow Up - April 2008

Reaction to “Seventy-five Theses”

Last month we presented seventy-five theses, just inviting a fight.

This month is our annual light-hearted issue, so we haven’t quoted any scientific journals. But last month was a “normal” issue, in which we presented seventy-five theses challenging fundamental premises of the theory of evolution. We were leading with our chin, tempting any and all comers to knock our block off. We received more than the usual amount of supportive email and only one email disagreeing with any part of our theses. That one disagreement was theological rather than scientific, and it didn’t come from an evolutionist.

Theses 3 and 4 state that life must have begun at some time in the past. There are religions that believe that life is eternal, and that living things are reincarnated when they die. They believe that life did not begin at some time in the past because life has always existed. That’s a religious opinion upon which we (corporately) take no stand.

Our seventy-five theses had to do with the theory of evolution as taught in American public schools. The theory of evolution is an explanation for how life originated and diversified through purely natural processes. It does not allow for reincarnation, miracles, or other supernatural phenomena.

We could have come up with lots more than seventy-five theses, but we try to keep the newsletter down to six pages every month. Some people would not have read the article if it was titled “One Hundred and Seventy-five Theses.” We just wanted a number close to 95, and ending with 5, simply for the obvious literary allusion.

We would love to see evolutionists try to come up with 75 indisputable facts supporting evolution, but we aren’t holding our breath. When they try to lay out a factual argument in favor of evolution, it fails miserably. Remember when Scientific American made their feeble attempt to give “15 Answers to Creationist Nonsense”? 1 They won’t make that mistake again!

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1 Disclosure, July 2002, “No Nonsense