Evolution on TV - September 2008
by Do-While Jones

Evolve, the TV Series

Sometimes it is better to say nothing and let people think you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubts.

For years we have been poking holes in the theory of evolution; but nothing we have written is as damaging to the theory as the Evolve series on The History Channel. In trying to explain evolution, they actually expose its fundamental flaws. The entire series will be available from The History Channel on four DVDs for $34.95 after November 20, 2008. We suggest that you try to catch an episode or two for free on TV because we want you to see it; but we don’t want you to waste your money on it.

We haven’t seen all the episodes; but we have seen enough of them to see the general pattern. Take the episode on Flight for example. The adjectives it uses to describe the evolution of flight are, “remarkable, amazing, incredible, unlikely, astounding, true marvels,” and “nearly impossible,” to name just a few. It is as if they went to the thesaurus and used every possible synonym for “miraculous,” but consciously avoided using that term. It is peppered with phrases such as, “may have, may be, could be, it is possible, biggest mystery of all, lingering debate, exactly why remains a mystery, some kind of ancestor, area of speculation, the question still remains,” and “breaks evolutionary rules.” The episode is filled with examples of remarkable, amazing, incredible, unlikely, astounding, marvelous, and nearly impossible things that must have happened, if the theory of evolution is true.

What isn’t in the episode is any kind of evidence. They assert that flight evolved independently in insects, birds, pterosaurs, and mammals; but they don’t give any proof.

They follow the same pattern in their episode on Skin. Skin is remarkable, and necessary for life. The more you know about skin, the more amazing it is.

We urge you to watch these shows with an open, critical, and objective mind. Ask yourself, “Do they have any basis for the assertions they make?” Then ask yourself, “Why should I believe the unbelievable?” The theory of evolution is simply fantastic speculation for which there is no good scientific explanation. This TV series makes it evident. We really hope you watch it.

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