About Us - March 2007
by Do-While Jones

Electronic Newsletters

Our information distribution system is gradually evolving.

Last month we started putting the newsletter on the web site in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format, as well as the HTML format we have used for years. We intend to continue the HTML format because the HTML files load faster and can contain hypertext links to other documents. The PDF format, however, is better for printing copies that you can keep in a notebook, or give to friends. The PDF format has asymmetrical side margins, so that there will be room to three-hole-punch (or staple) when the newsletter is printed double-sided.

If you prefer printing the newsletter yourself, please send us an email and we will send you an email each month telling you the newsletter is available, saving us the printing and postage expense.

Last month we also tried adding an RSS news feed, with limited success. Although it works with some news readers, there apparently is an incompatibility with the Ridgenet server and Netscape 8. We are still working on the problem.

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