Evolution in the Church - February 2006
by Do-While Jones

Darwin’s Birthday

If it is preached from a pulpit, it’s religion, isn’t it?

Darwinian evolution was celebrated in some churches on February 12.

Darwin’s birthday evolves into holiday

Amid challenges, supporters stick up for evolution on Sunday

… To show religion and science are not at odds, more than 400 churches of many denominations — most of them in the United States — have agreed to participate in "Evolution Sunday" by giving a sermon, holding classes or sponsoring discussions. 1

If Darwinian evolution is preached from Christian pulpits, doesn’t that make evolution just as much a religious doctrine as Intelligent Design, and therefore should be banned from public schools?

In The Evolution-Creation Struggle, Michael Ruse tries to explain this [evolution-creation controversy]. He is well known as a committed darwinian philosopher, experienced in gutting claims that creationism and 'intelligent design' can be a form of science. …

The purpose of Ruse's admittedly streamlined history is to identify two divergent responses to a crisis in Christianity arising from Enlightenment critiques. …

Ruse's argument is that these antithetical responses graduated into the two competing world-views that lie at the heart of the contemporary conflict. His thesis leads to a radical conclusion. Although we are used to speaking of a conflict between science and religion, to do so misses the point: it is rather a conflict between religion and religion, he claims. There is a sense in which it is an intra-family feud, and this explains its bitterness.

… It is evolutionism that has repeatedly functioned as a secular religion, offering seductive images of progress and translating naturalistic methods of enquiry into doctrinaire assertions about what can and cannot be believed about the meaning of human existence. 2

Ruse has got it right. The theory of evolution is believed, in spite of scientific evidence against it, because evolutionism is a religion.

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1 Kathy Matheson, Associated Press, Feb. 9, 2006, “Darwin’s birthday evolves into holiday” (Ev)
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