Science Against Evolution
Content Rating System

We often provide references where you can obtain more detailed scientific information. These references may be books, magazines, video tapes, or web sites which have a religious or political bias. The following content rating system informs you of the kind and amount of bias present in the reference. These ratings describe the content, not the quality of the reference.

Some of the materials we reference are written by evolutionists for evolutionists. We do not hesitate to recommend these books because the more of them you read, the less likely you will be to believe the theory. We especially encourage you to make it a point while reading these books to note what is fact and what is speculation. You will quickly discover that most of what is written is pure speculation.

Christianity/Evolution Ratings

Ev+ Contains strong evolutionary content, attacks special creation
Ev Presents evolution as fact
Ev- Makes passing references to evolution or millions of years
Cr+ Contains strong Christian content, definitely evangelistic
Cr Presents creation as fact, references to Genesis or Christ
Cr- Makes passing references to an unspecified god
P Addresses the public school curriculum
PE Favors teaching only evolution in public schools
PB Favors teaching both creation and evolution in public schools
PC Favors teaching only creation in public schools

Read why the rating system was discontinued.

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