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January100 Newsletters
FebruaryJunk Science
MarchScrabble TM of the Fittest
AprilTop Ten Reasons
MayDesperate Evolutionists
JuneYou'll Have Twins!
JulyScience Defeats Evolution in Kansas!
AugustLooking For Life
SeptemberOne Million Dollars!
OctoberApes Are Like Us
NovemberLet's Go To The Polls!
DecemberSmart Sponsors

January 2005
Volume 9 Issue 4

Feature Article - 100 Newsletters
email - Seminar Email
Evolution in the News - Science Convinces a Skeptic
Fourth Tuesday Video - Arguments Creationists Should Not Use
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution Debate

February 2005
Volume 9 Issue 5

Feature Article - Junk Science
email - Two Students
Evolution in the News - Retaliation
Fourth Tuesday Video - Where Does the Evidence Lead?
Web Site of the Month - Creation Science FAQ

March 2005
Volume 9 Issue 6

Feature Article - Scrabble TM of the Fittest
Evolution in the News - Testing Darwin
email - Argumentative Alex
Fourth Tuesday Video - Chemicals to Living Cell
Web Site of the Month - Creation ex Nihilo

April 2005
Volume 9 Issue 7

Feature Article - Top Ten Reasons
APE Awards - First Annual Ape Awards
Other People's Mail - Testing Darwin Letter
Evolution in the News - Surprising Dinosaurs
Fourth Tuesday Video - Hubble, Bubble, Big Bang in Trouble
Web Site of the Month - Dinosaurs

May 2005
Volume 9 Issue 8

Feature Article - Desperate Evolutionists
Evolution in the News - Dinosaur Teeth
email - Mike's Questions
Fourth Tuesday Video - An Interview With Dean Kenyon
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution

June 2005
Volume 9 Issue 9

Feature Article - You'll Have Twins!
email - The Eye of the Beholder
Evolution in the News - Crocodile Hearts
Fourth Tuesday Video - Las Vegas Geology
Web Site of the Month - Justices Brennan & Scalia Debate Creation Science

July 2005
Volume 9 Issue 10

Feature Article - Science Defeats Evolution in Kansas!
U.S. Mail - Money for Nothing
Evolution in the News - An Intelligent Decision
About Us - Search Our Site
Fourth Tuesday Video - Do Animals "Evolve"?
Web Site of the Month - TrueAuthority.com

August 2005
Volume 9 Issue 11

Feature Article - Looking For Life
Evolution in the News - Back to School Hysteria
Fourth Tuesday Video - The Origin of Life
Web Site of the Month - The Evolution-Creation Struggle

September 2005
Volume 9 Issue 12

Feature Article - One Million Dollars!
About Us - Unsolicited Manuscripts
email - Gene Duplication
Fourth Tuesday Video - The Fossil Record
Web Site of the Month - Formation of the Moon

October 2005
Volume 10 Issue 1

Feature Article - Chimps Are Like Us
Evolution in the News - Animals Tooling Around
Evolution in the News - Evolution in Court
email - Gene Duplicatioioion
Fourth Tuesday Video - Artistic Ape Anecdotes: "The Art of Deception"
Web Site of the Month - The Best Intelligent Design vs Evolution Debate on the Web

November 2005
Volume 10 Issue 2

Feature Article - Let's Go To The Polls!
Evolution in the News - Conspiracy Proof
email - Mutation Math
Web Site of the Month - Discerning Secular Media Bias and Errors in Reporting on the Creation Versus Evolution Issue

December 2005
Volume 10 Issue 3

Feature Article - Smart Sponsors
Evolution in the News - Getting a Leg Up
email - Group Think
Web Site of the Month - Evolving into a Tricky Exhibit

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