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Back Issues 2004

FebruarySex and the Single Bacterium
MarchComparative Anatomy
AprilGrowin' Out of My Head
MayRock formations
JuneThe Age of Dinosaurs
JulyThe Elder Statesmen of Evolution
AugustDarwin Want a Cracker?
SeptemberSeven Mysteries of Evolution
OctoberThe Undead
NovemberWas National Geographic WRONG?
DecemberFishy Evidence for Evolution

January 2004
Volume 8 Issue 4

Feature Article - Spiders
email - Two Kinds of Complexity
Evolution in the News - Mars Follow-up
Fourth Friday Free Film - Tale of the Trilobite
Web Site of the Month - The Ten Big Questions

February 2004
Volume 8 Issue 5

Feature Article - Sex and the Single Bacterium
email - Thermodynamic Spiders
Evolution in the News - Grand Canyon Controversy
About Us - Our New Meeting Night
Fourth TUESDAY Free Film - Geologic Evidence for Very Rapid Strata Deposition in the Grand Canyon
Web Site of the Month - Links to Information Relating the Biblical Doctrine of Creation and the Scientific Theory of Evolution

March 2004
Volume 8 Issue 6

Feature Article - Comparative Anatomy
email - Male Nipples
Evolution on TV - Super Millionaire Evolution
Fourth Tuesday Videos - The Genesis Debate 2003
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution

April 2004
Volume 8 Issue 7

Feature Song - Growin’ Out of My Head
Evolution in the April Fool News - Nebraska Man Sues for Re-instatement
Email - A Fool and His Ideas
Fourth Tuesday Videos - Inherently Wind: A Hollywood History of the Scopes Trial
Resources - Videos For Sale
Web Site of the Month - CRSEF Creation Research, Science Education Foundation

May 2004
Volume 8 Issue 8

Feature Article - Rock Formations
Evolution in the News - Rats!
Evolution on Vacations - Walnut Canyon
Fourth Tuesday Videos - Radioisotopes & the Age of the Earth
Web Site of the Month - CSR Creation Science Resource

June 2004
Volume 8 Issue 9

Feature Article - The Age of Dinosaurs
Evolution in the News - The New Geologic Timescale
email - Confusing Faith with Science
Fourth Tuesday Videos - Raising the Allosaur
Web Site of the Month - Scientific Facts and Evolution

July 2004
Volume 8 Issue 10

Feature Article - The Elder Statesmen of Evolution
Evolution in the News - Mars Update
email - Ica Stone Reaction
About Us - This Double Issue
Fourth Tuesday Videos - Creation Evidence from South America
Web Site of the Month - The Revolution Against Evolution

August 2004
Volume 8 Issue 11

Feature Article - Darwin Want a Cracker?
Evolution in the News - Smart Swallows
email - Larry’s Curiosity
Calendar - 10th Community Dinner
Fourth Tuesday Videos - The Mystery of Acambáro
Web Site of the Month - Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness (IDEA) Club

September 2004
Volume 8 Issue 12

Feature Article - Seven Mysteries of Evolution
Evolution in the News - Millennium Man Tries to Walk Again
email - Chimp Blood Donors
Fourth Tuesday Videos - A Question of Origins
Web Site of the Month - Beyond the "Evolution vs. Creation" Debate

October 2004
Volume 9 Issue 1

Feature Article - The Undead
email - Life Happens
Evolution in the News - Driving a Stake into the Heart of Evolution
Fourth Tuesday Videos - Fire Mountain: the Eruption and Rebirth of Mount St. Helens
Web Site of the Month - Exploring Constitutional Conflicts: The Evolution Controversy

November 2004
Volume 9 Issue 2

Feature Article - Was National Geographic WRONG?
Evolution in the News - Homo floresiensis
Fourth Tuesday Videos - No November Meeting
About Us - Long Again
Web Site of the Month - The Evolution of Truth

December 2004
Volume 9 Issue 3

Feature Article - Fishy Evidence for Evolution
email - Embryo Corrections and Clarifications
Web Site of the Month - Evolution versus Creationism: What’s New

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