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Back Issues 2001

JanuaryGould's Final Column
FebruaryThe Earth-Moon System
MarchSuperior Creatures
AprilThe Wizard of Ooze
MayCopyright as a Tool For Censorship
JuneIntelligent Design
JulySome Real Scientists Reject Evolution
AugustMyth Masquerading as Science
SeptemberParent of the Apes - Part 1
OctoberParent of the Apes - Part 2
NovemberWhale Tale Two
DecemberA Field Trip to the Field Museum

January 2001
Volume 5 Issue 4

Feature Article - Gould's Final Column
Evolution in the News - The Adoption Paradox
Stupid Evolutionist Quotes - It Doesn't Make Sense
Fourth Friday Free Film - Can Life Come From Non-life?
Web Site of the Month - Creation/Evolution Reference Database

February 2001
Volume 5 Issue 5

Feature Article - The Earth-Moon System
Action & Reaction - Re: Pollution: Friend or Foe?
e-mail - Re: Gould's Final Column
Fourth Friday Free Film - Dating Rocks and Fossils
Web Site of the Month - Cosmic Ancestry

March 2001
Volume 5 Issue 6

Feature Article - Superior Creatures
Comming Attractions - The Wizard of Ooze
Fourth Friday Free Film - What's in My Family Tree?
Web Site of the Month - My Life After Darwin

April 2001
Volume 5 Issue 7

Feature Article - The Wizard of Ooze
e-mail - Orgel and Eigen
Comming Attractions - This Bonus Double Issue
Fourth Friday Free Film - Blind Watchmaker?
Web Site of the Month - God and Man in Oz

May 2001
Volume 5 Issue 8

Feature Article - Copyright as a Tool For Censorship
Evolution in the News - Kenyanthropus
e-mail - Eigen's Glass Bead Games
Fourth Friday Free Film - A Question of Origins
Web Site of the Month - In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood

June 2001
Volume 5 Issue 9

Feature Article - Intelligent Design
Evolution in the News - Age-Dating Distortions
About Us - Public Reaction to our First Five Years
Fourth Friday Free Film - Evolution: Challenge of the Fossil Record
Web Site of the Month - Why Do You Believe In Evolution?

July 2001
Volume 5 Issue 10

Feature Article - Some Real Scientists Reject Evolution
email - Mount St. Helens
Fourth Friday Free Film - Mount St. Helens: Explosive Evidence for Catastrophe
Web Site of the Month - Amazing Discoveries (Discoveries in Evolution)

August 2001
Volume 5 Issue 11

Feature Article - Myth Masquerading as Science
Evolution in the News - Sensible Senate
Calendar - Parent of the Apes
Stupid Evolutionist Quotes - In a Nutshell
Fourth Friday Free Film - Evolution and the Textbooks
Web Site of the Month - National Center for Science Education

September 2001
Volume 5 Issue 12

Feature Article - Parent of the Apes - Part 1
email - Danny Defends Argon Dating
Fourth Friday Free Film - Origin of Man (Gish)
Web Site of the Month - The Human Origins Program Resource Guide to Paleoanthropology

October 2001
Volume 6 Issue 1

Feature Article - Parent of the Apes - Part 2
Evolution on Television - The PBS Evolution Series
Fourth Friday Free Film - Astronomy Double Feature
Web Site of the Month - Creation vs. Evolution

November 2001
Volume 6 Issue 2

Feature Article - Whale Tale Two
Evolution in the News - Fuzz, Birds, and DNA
email - Four Protein Correction
Web Site of the Month - Evolution 101

December 2001
Volume 6 Issue 3

Feature Article - A Field Trip to the Field Museum
email - Whale Evolution Corrections
Web Site of the Month - Sue at the Field Museum

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