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For over 25 years we have published more than 300 monthly newsletters containing more than 800 articles commenting upon news articles in the popular and professional literature regarding the theory of evolution. Twenty years ago, our “six-page newsletter” often ran 8 to 12 pages because there was so much to comment on. Sometimes, we had to promise to say more about the topic in future newsletters because we lacked space to address those issues that month. We’ve gone back and added links to those articles which fulfilled those promises.

In recent years it has been hard to find enough evolutionary news for us to fill just 6 pages. The theory of evolution is dying because the preponderance of scientific evidence is against the theory of evolution.

We have summarized that evidence in our final newsletter. The HTML version of our final newsletter contains links to some of our favorite articles from the past. The PDF version contains those links in footnotes, and is better suited to be printed.

From time to time, we might post new articles on the ScienceAgainstEvolution.INFO Facebook page, it events warrant them.

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